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No Credit? Bad Credit? No Problem!

Posted by admin on May 16, 2016
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At Santa Cruz Properties, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to own land, but many people think they can’t because of their credit history. We want to tell you that if you have bad credit or no credit at all, it’s not a problem. We will still work with you and your family to find that perfect piece of land.

Find out why South Texas chooses us! Hurry! Because of our commitment to helping families around the Rio Grande Valley, our land is selling fast! Come find out why your credit doesn’t matter to us!

We make it easy for your dreams of owning land to come true. Just contact us today and see how low your payments will be!

No Bank Loans Needed

Using a bank loan stops many buyers from closing out a land deal. They bring so much stress, complicated fees and high interest rates that many people don’t want anything to do with them. Many people are also turned away from banks because of their bad credit history. With Santa Cruz Properties, you don’t have to worry about being turned away because of your bad credit. Our real estate professionals will work hard to make your dream of buying land come true.

Non-Citizens Can Own Land, Too

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, things can be more difficult when buying land. Although working with banks for a loan might be more difficult, there is no law saying you can’t own land if you’re not an American citizen.

“Not being able to take out a loan as a foreign citizen should not hinder your ability to purchase your own land.” – Irma Moreno of Santa Cruz Properties


Don’t let banks stop you from buying land just because you’re not a citizen. We will work with you even if banks won’t by creating a payment plan that will benefit you and your family. Our top priority is seeing you walk out of our office as a new landowner. Find out which documents you’ll need here and let us worry about the rest.

Owner Financing Will Help

Santa Cruz Properties offers owner financing to cut out all of the hassles that come with a bank loan. Our owner financing will provide you with shorter waiting periods and will save you and your loved ones an extra bit of cash on closing costs. What’s great about owner financing is that it gives citizens and non-citizens an equal chance of becoming landowners. We will work with everyone to come up with a plan that best suits your needs!

Working with Your Budget

We know that buying land is a big step. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to buy land, that’s why we work hard on your behalf. No, you won’t need stacks and stacks of money in the bank. The truth is you just have to be able to budget your finances responsibly. At Santa Cruz Properties, we work with you on what your budget should be to make your dreams come true. Depending on the budget and location you choose, your monthly payments can be as low as $314 a month! We have so many different lots for sale for you and your family. Find out how low your payments can be with our calculator! But hurry before these great deals are all gone!

Are You Still Worried About Your Credit?

We want nothing more than to see you be happy. There are great ways to improve your credit history with time and consistency. Credit isn’t a race, it’s a report card where you have to work really hard to get your grades back up. If you’re worried about your credit score, here are some tips to prevent and improve it:

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Create a budget that’s easy to follow
  • Set aside savings
  • Watch your credit card balances

It takes time for your score to go up. Don’t let your chances of buying land pass you by. Remember that here at Santa Cruz Properties, you don’t have to worry about your credit history. We work with you through thick and thin to get you where you want to be.

Our Land is Selling Fast!

At Santa Cruz Properties, our lots are selling fast. You can find that perfect piece of land by clicking here. Whether you’re looking in Hidalgo or Cameron County, we have land for everyone. We will help you with any paperwork, credit scores, owner financing or getting your homebuilding started. Pick your perfect piece of land, bring the proper documents and let us worry about the rest.

With payments as low as $314 a month, these lots can be affordable for you and your family. But you better hurry before this opportunity slips away! Call us at 956.383.0868 or schedule an appointment with us now!

[:es]En Santa Cruz Properties nosotros creemos que todos merecen una oportunidad de tener su propio lote, aunque su historial de crédito sea malo o no exista. Con nosotros eso no será ningún problema. Nuestro equipo trabajara con usted para encontrar el terreno que más le convenga.

¡Entérese porque el sur de Texas nos prefiere a nosotros! Los terrenos se están acabando bien rápido, así que prepárese para tener el suyo hoy mismo.

Sus sueños de comprar casa están al alcance. ¡Llámenos hoy y hágase del terreno que tanto ha querido!

No Ocupa Préstamos del Banco

La verdad es que los préstamos del banco son un dolor de cabeza que no querrá tener. Los intereses son altísimos, hay tarifas escondidas y lo pueden declinar si su historial de crédito no es bueno. Con Santa Cruz usted no tendrá por qué preocuparse ya que nuestro equipo se encargara de que usted no vaya con un banco a pedir algún préstamo.

Terrenos Aunque No Sea Ciudadano

Si usted no es ciudadano, el tener su propio lote puede ser difícil. Pero la realidad es que si usted no es ciudadano, tal vez es difícil obtener un préstamo del banco, pero no hay ninguna ley que le evita tener un terreno.

Nosotros trabajaremos con usted para hacer de sus sueños una realidad sin que los bancos metan su cuchara. Nuestra prioridad es que usted tenga su propio terreno.

Nuestro Financiamiento del Dueño Lo Ayudara

En Santa Cruz, ofrecemos financiamiento del dueño que elimina los problemas de los préstamos bancarios. Con nuestro financiamiento, usted no tendrá que esperar largos tiempos, no gastara dinero en cargos ocultos y tendrá la oportunidad de tener el terreno que siempre ha querido.

Trabajando Con Su Presupuesto

El tener su propio terreno puede ser algo muy estresante, pero todo puede salir bien si usted y su familia administran sus finanzas bien. Los expertos de Santa Cruz trabajaran con usted para determinar cuál es su presupuesto y como tiene que prepararse para hacer los pagos que pueden ser tan bajos como $314 por mes.

¡Los Lotes Se Acaban!

¡Lo bueno, bonito y barato pronto se acaba! En Santa Cruz tenemos los lotes que usted quiere para lo que a usted se le ofrezca. Si necesita un terreno grande para un ranchito o si quiere algo más chico para usted y su familia, nosotros lo ayudaremos. Nosotros nos encargaremos de ayudarle durante todo el proceso, así que no tiene nada que perder.

¡Los pagos empiezan a $314 por mes así que no tarde! Llámenos hoy al 956.383.0868 para hacer su cita y encontrar el terreno de sus sueños.[:]

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