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9 Must Follow Tips for Fall Property Maintenance

Posted by admin on November 14, 2018
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If you have purchased a gorgeous owner-financed lot from Santa Cruz Properties and have invested money into building a home or other type of structure on the property, it only makes sense that you will want to keep the land and home in prime condition.

To keep up with the condition of your property and house, it is important to perform seasonal maintenance. Our property realty experts here at Santa Cruz Properties have seen the damage weather and seasonal changes can do to properties when owners are not looking out for their own best interests.

Don’t let this happen to you! To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 9 action items that you can take to keep your property in excellent condition.

The 9 Tips You Need to Follow to Keep Your Property Gorgeous

    1. Clean out gutters and check your home’s roof.

It is important to remove all leaves and debris from your home’s gutters and roof. With winter rain, the leaves and debris can lead to a water buildup which can, in turn, generate leaks and mold.

    1. Patch up holes and animal-proof your property.

Do a review of your home and check your attic (and basement) for any holes which animals can crawl into. During winter, small animals like mice or opossums will look for cover from the cold weather. Use spray foam or caulking to help cover small holes and use wire mesh or plywood for larger holes.

    1. Trim property trees and bushes.

If you have trees on your property and near your home or any other structure that you’ve built on the land, it is a good idea to trim the branches that come in contact with the structure’s roof or walls. If it happens to hail, freeze, or if there is a severe winter storm, the branches may break and cause damage to the property. Trimming the trees can help to protect against this.

    1. Rake dead leaves off the floor.

As innocent as leaves on the floor may seem, not raking them and letting them accumulate can cause an increase in pests population (i.e. lizards and bugs). Also, as the leaves begin to sit, they begin to rot, which not only makes the property look unsightly but can also create an unpleasant smell.

    1. Check weatherstripping and insulation.

The smallest draft of cold air can cause a considerable increase in the electric bill when trying to keep your home warm. Foam weatherstripping lasts five to 10 years depending on quality and should be replaced as soon as it shows signs of cracking or shrinking. You can also avoid cold air drafts from coming in by removing the door and window casings and spraying foam insulation between the frame and studs.

    1. Change out that HVAC filter.

While you should be changing out filters frequently enough, fall is the perfect season to perform this task. Central heating systems can work overtime during the cold months and a new filter will help the HVAC system to run smoothly – saving you some money on your electric bill.

    1. Drain any sprinkler system.

Draining the sprinkler system is important in case the weather falls to freezing temperatures. Failing to do so can lead to pipes bursting and costly repairs.

    1. Do a safety inspection.

With colder weather and a higher chance of rain, it is important to have safety measures in place to protect your family and visitors. Some critical areas to keep an eye on include:

      • Check railings to ensure they are securely in place
      • Check for slippery areas such as stairs and apply anti-slip tape
      • Replace smoke detectors as needed
    1. Check your fire extinguisher or purchase one as needed.

The holiday season also means candles and Christmas lights. Check your current extinguisher to make sure it is working properly in case an emergency should take place.

Protecting your property and home is important and we want to make sure you have an amazing fall and winter season without any issues.

If you are looking to find your dream owner-financed lot in Hidalgo or Starr County, contact Santa Cruz Properties today at (956) 382-6490

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