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8 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Property Shine

Posted by admin on April 25, 2019
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It’s spring and we couldn’t be more excited here at Santa Cruz Properties.

We know that this is when property owners get back out there to enjoy the weather and beautify their land. From springing cleaning your lawn to big landscape projects, we know you’ll definitely want to take advantage of all that property you have.

Of course, you might not know where to start. If you recently purchased a gorgeous owner-financed lot from Santa Cruz Properties and would like some tips on how to improve your land, then consider the following.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Property

Here are 8 easy ways to make your lot shine.

1. Map out landscaping and garden plans.

Before you start making changes to your property, you will want to make sure you have a plan. Landscape changes can include adding privacy fences, digging a new vegetable garden, building a storage shed, or crafting a tidy entry and walkway.

Start off by making a sketch of your lawn to see where you would want to place new trees, shrubs, or plants. It’s also a good idea to get a second opinion from a seasoned gardener or landscaper before making any final decisions.

2. Remove debris and rake dead leaves/twigs.

Old leaves can make good fertilizer, but not if your yard has so much that they don’t let any sunlight reach your healthy grass and plants. Make sure you rake your yard and any potential areas where you’ll be making a garden bed.

You’ll also want to make sure the land is dry before raking over wet grass, as it’ll end up tearing up the dirt and leave you with empty patches of land.

Make sure to get rid of your bagged leaves properly when done.  

3. Prune and trim hedges, trees, etc.

Prune bushes and hedges that are shabby as well as any plants that look overgrown. Scissors often work better than pruners for cleaning up flower beds.

Trim damaged tree limbs and branches that you can safely reach. Never put yourself in a dangerous position where you can get hurt. Instead, arrange for a professional to take care of any tough to reach branches.

4. Prepare planting beds for fertilizing.

If you already have flower beds, work in additional compost around your plants to fertilize them. Also, remove weeds as you run into them; you don’t want them to kill your flowers before they even get a chance to grow.

If you are using chemical fertilizers, be extremely careful and follow the directions. Heavy duty fertilizers can burn the plants if you use too much.

5. Patch, replace, or repaint worn wood.

Remove rotten or damaged fences or boards, then scrub the wood structures till they are cleaned. Check wobbly fence posts to see if they need replacing, and if needed, scrape off old paint and sand down the rough patches to repaint them the color of your choice.

6. Mulching and edging.

Mulch has many benefits for your garden, it conserves water, cools plant roots, and smothers weeds. It’s better to wait until the soil is warm and dried out a bit before setting your mulch.

For a beautiful final touch, be sure to edge around your garden bed to make it look neat. It also helps prevent your grass from growing into any flower bed you may have.

7. Protect your garden and flowers.

Crabgrass is an issue that be easily dealt with by using herbicide. You can also spray a bit of pesticide to keep any flower or vegetable gardens free from unwanted pests that can eat away at all your hard work.

Another major issue you’ll want to keep an eye out for are ticks. But there are plenty of options you can use in late spring to reduce any issues associated with them.

Also, make sure to wear safety equipment (including gloves and eye protection) when using any sort of herbicide or pesticide. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after using them also.  

8. Plant your flowers.

If you are planting seeds, follow the directions on the seed packet to know how deep to plant each seed and how far apart. With potted garden plants, remove the plant from the pot, gently take some or all the soil from the roots, and place the plant into the hole.

Then push the soil back into the hole using a gentle but firm hand. You won’t want to compact it entirely either.

After completing all this hard work on your property, it’ll be amazing to sit back and enjoy the view of your flowers and freshly trimmed grass.

Don’t have a property of your own where you can let the inner green thumb out? Santa Cruz Properties offers owner-financed land for sale in Edinburg and all throughout Hidalgo County. You’ll be landscaping your own lot in no time when you choose Santa Cruz Properties.

Contact Santa Cruz Properties right now at (956) 382-6490 or take a look at our properties here.

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