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What to Consider Before Building a Pond on Your Property

Posted by admin on May 22, 2019
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A body of water can add significant beauty and value to your rural property, but before jumping into the idea, you first need to determine if your land is suited for one. You’ll also want to research what permits you may need and review your homeowner’s insurance policy for any clauses that might affect your ability to build one.

Your team at Santa Cruz Properties not only wants to help you find the property of your dreams and help you purchase it through our owner financing options, but we also want to make sure you can turn your land into your dream home.

If you are determined to build a pond on your property, there are some important factors to consider:  

  • Landscape

The landscape of your property is the first factor that must be considered. Study rainfall trends and watershed to ensure you’ll have the right amount of water.

You’ll want to seek out professional help to plan for the flow and drainage of your pond. Be sure to get help from a landscaper that can advise you on the best plants for the local climate and where to position them to ensure their health.

  • Purpose

The size, slope, and depth of a pond should vary depending on whether it will be used as a water source for livestock or as simply as an small pond. Placing grasses and plants around the outside of the pond will help to stop sides from eroding. Also, ferns and water lilies are adapted to live on the surface or along the water edge.

  • Geology

The geology of the land must also be considered. The ideal soil type is one that contains a good-quality clay material to keep the pond from leaking. However, a pond can still be built on soil types that are prone to leaking. For example, rock soil is composed of small rock particles, which are quick drying. This allows the soil the ability to hold water. Another soil is bentonite, which is ideal for ponds because it expands when it meets water, creating a type of barrier.

Your best option to determine if your land is capable of handling a pond is to seek out the assistance of a qualified contractor who has the experience and capability to create the pond you desire.

  • The Value the Pond Will Offer

A pond can be an asset to your land and a source of great enjoyment. Having fish and wildlife in and around a pond is a large part of the pleasure of owning a pond. A larger pond can attract many species of birds and other amazing wildlife.

Not only does a pond provide a blissful scenery but it also offers more value than bare land property. On average, the value of the pond was found to increase bare land value by 6%.

There are legal requirements and insurance policies that must be checked for the pond to hold water and not jeopardize you and your family’s safety. However, if these requirements are met, then your pond will not only give recreational enjoyment but also provide a financial boost should you decide to sell.

One of the greatest pleasure of owning your own plot of land is to build and develop it as you see fit. If you are ready to experience the joy of owning your very own piece of property, then contact Santa Cruz Properties right now at (956) 382-6490.

Our owner financing services make it possible for people from every walk of life to build their dreams on the property they choose. Our licensed real estate specialists are ready to help you take the first step towards owning your very own piece of land. 

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