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New Year, New Habits: 8 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep In Mind for Your New Property

Posted by admin on January 19, 2020
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Whenever the dawn of a new year occurs, it is traditional for many individuals to set aside goals they want to achieve throughout the year. And now that a brand new decade has come into full effect, now is the time – more than ever – to really make an effort to take those big leaps and make positive changes!

One major goal many people aspire to achieve is to fulfill their dream of becoming a land owner. At Santa Cruz Properties, we are able to turn that goal into a reality with our owner-financing program!

Our Starr County owner-financed lots are some of the most beautiful properties in the Rio Grande Valley. Whether you are looking for an acre or a larger piece of land in Starr County, we have properties you will love.

Once you have acquired an owner-financed property from Santa Cruz Properties, here are some resolutions to take into consideration in order to keep it clean and beautiful for the long run.

Cleanliness Is the Key to Happiness

1. Keep up with the essentials.

Owning property requires you to be responsible, and on occasion, that means keeping up with your land. From maintaining the property to upkeeping any fences you may build, watering trees, cutting the grass and everything in between, there’s plenty to be done.

While it isn’t always fun, practicing these essential upkeeping habits will not only make your property look gorgeous but it can also be a pleasant experience. Who doesn’t feel great after completing an important task? 

2. Create a weekly planner. 

Maintaining a property is essential, but it doesn’t always mean that it’s the most relaxing way to spend your weekend (or weekday evenings).

Setting up a weekly system with your family members can help you keep a steady flow on all the chores that need to be done around the property, and can ultimately establish a routine that will keep your property pristine. 

Organization Can Go a Long Way

3. No more cluttering.

You might be tempted to use empty space on your lot as a type of storage but this clutter can soon pile up and become annoying to have to deal with. If you are going to use your property as such, consider building a proper storage unit that will keep all of your tools and other equipment safe from burglars and the weather. 

4. Get rid of unused items.

Another simple and effective way to avoid clutter is to simply get rid of unused items or junk. While it may be hard to let go of certain items at first, you will find it relieving to clean your property of any piles of junk that have turned into eyesores. 

Rather than throwing them away in the trash, the best option is to donate them, or if you have time, have yourself a garage sale. 

Going Green 

5. Recycling is a start.

Perhaps the easiest first step one can take into saving our beautiful environment is simply by creating smart recycling habits. Consider creating compost with old food items and other recyclables. You can use these materials to create a gorgeous garden or to feed any crops you may be growing on your property.   

6. Becoming eco-friendly can lead to lower bills.

One of the biggest benefits of practicing good eco-friendly habits around your property – especially if you have built a home on it – is that it can actually help you save money! Some simple, yet effective ways to go green and save money include:

  • Conserve electricity by not having the power on all the time and only utilize it when needed (lights, computers, television, etc.).
  • Invest in LED light bulbs.
  • Pay close attention to your A/C system and make sure to higher the temperature when no one is home. 
  • Use less water and only water your yard when needed.

Settling Into Your Dream Property

7. Adding personality.

After doing what needs to be done with your property, perhaps the most exciting part about settling in is figuring out how you want your property to look like. A clean and healthy property can be a good representation of the owner and even add value should you decide to sell it down the road.

Rather than being bland, why not add some personal flavor to your property? Plant trees. Create a garden. Add some unique structures on the land.  

8. Create an appealing environment for your fellow guests.

Once you make your property beautiful – and if you have built a home on it –  your friends and family will probably want to pay you a visit. To make your home and land appealing, it’s worthwhile to continue thinking “green.”

Consider investing in beautiful flowers to create an outstanding garden. Potted palms and other gorgeous trees can make your property stand out. Let your imagination run wild and turn your home and property into a magical wonderland. 

Santa Cruz Properties has the lots you’ll love at excellent prices. 

The Edinburg realty experts of Santa Cruz Properties have been turning our client’s aspirations into a reality since 1993. What better way to start this new year with a bang than by purchasing an outstanding owner-financed property.

Contact Santa Cruz Properties today at (956) 382-6490 to learn more about our owner-financing program or to inquire about our owner-financed lots in Starr County!

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