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Best Spring Flowers in South Texas

Posted by admin on March 27, 2020
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The Rio Grande Valley is often recognized for its natural beauty and year-round warm weather. It’s this amazing climate that makes it a wonderful environment for a variety of plants and flowers alike.

With the spring season in bloom, now is the perfect time to create a gorgeous garden on your property.

Santa Cruz Properties, the leading owner-financed property sellers in Edinburg, would like to recommend some of the best spring flowers to plant, as well as key gardening tips that will help you make your garden absolutely vibrant.

Five Spring Flowers For Your Property

1. Salvia Farinacea

This plant is native to Texas and is often confused with bluebonnets due to its similar color and shape.

Able to grow up to 2-3 feet tall, this flower can bloom all season as long as its spikes are cut back. Salvia farinacea is able to withstand heat, is drought-resistant, and only needs less than an inch of water per week.

With the proper care, your flowers will bloom for up to five consecutive years. It’s for these reasons that salvia farinacea has become popular among Texans.

2. Hibiscus

Often referred to as an essential Texas plant, hibiscus can come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Each type of hibiscus varies in length, with some growing anywhere from 3-feet up to 11-feet tall.

Hibiscus are usually placed in large pots with drainage holes and are able to grow at a rapid rate over time without much maintenance.

3. Wedelia

These types of flowers are some of the most unique plants as they can benefit from being exposed to the full sunlight, while still blooming in shady conditions.

As long as there is warm weather, Wedelia flowers are able to bloom continuously and require very little maintenance. They can be a great compliment to a South Texas garden due to their longevity in open areas, as well as their daisy-like appearance.

4. Dwarf Mexican Petunias

These one-of-a-kind flowers can add some nice color to your garden, are relatively drought-resistant, and can easily adapt to their sunny surroundings during the spring. While they are drought-resistant, they do perform at their best when they are in regularly watered and are fed fertilizer when needed. They often grow up to only 2-feet but can spread quickly when they self-seed.

5. Texas Lantana

If you are looking to plant flowers that have explosive colors and carry unique aesthetics, the Texas lantana would be the perfect option this spring.

They start to really bloom during April and can go all the way to November.

Spring and summer are the essential peak-points for these plants and are able to withstand extreme South Texas heat without needing much water.

Things to Keep in Mind When Starting Your Garden

1. Scout the Area and Prepare for Basic Maintenance

The first thing you should do if you want to build a garden is to scout your property for the best area to start planting. You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any large trees or structures that might interfere with your garden receiving sunlight.

Remove any outdoor materials, furniture, or any unnecessary clutter that may be in the way of creating your garden bed and create a composting bin/pile with those resources.

2. Composting

Another good practice when starting a garden is to rake up any leaves and plant debris in order to turn them into compost that is rich in nutrients. You can also use old newspapers or any other recyclable items to add to your compost pile!

3. Create a Raised Garden Bed

One of the easiest, inexpensive, and most effective ways to start a garden is to build a raised garden bed. To learn more about how to set one up, read our in-depth blog about it!

4. Monitor Your Flowers Closely

While many of the flowers that were mentioned earlier don’t require much maintenance per se, it is still important to take note of their growth and feed them the appropriate nutrients and water dosages whenever needed.

Once you’ve planted your flowers, add a fresh layer of mulch to help them in their progression. This step will also help prevent weeds from rooting during the flowers’ blooming period.

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