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4 Tips To Take Into Consideration When Spring Cleaning Your Garden

Posted by admin on April 6, 2020
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With the current coronavirus pandemic taking place, most of us are stuck at home, trying to make the best of these challenging times. While dealing with the situation can be a bit scary and stressful, there are actions we can take to improve our mental well-being. From enjoying a bit more time with our families to savoring the great outdoors, now is the perfect opportunity to take care of some of those tasks that we might have procrastinated on.

Plus, spring is here, which means beautiful weather, nice breezes, and plenty of sunshine.

While we tend to give our homes a good, deep cleaning during spring, we may not pay as much attention to our gardens and yards. Why not show them a little care and love right now?

The Falfurrias owner-financed land sellers of Santa Cruz Properties have laid out 4 valuable tips to take into consideration if you decide to give your property the spring cleaning it deserves.

Tips for Spring Cleaning for Those Spring Flowers

1. Sweep Any Patio Area and Begin Removing Anything Considered “Dead”

The first step you’ll want to take is to start cleaning out your patio area. Giving your outdoor furniture a good rinse, raking scattered leaves, and cleaning out debris is the perfect start. You’d be surprised by how much mess can accumulate in your yard over the winter.

Next, it’s time to pull any dead plants, flowers, trees, and weeds out of your garden or yard. Keeping them in place can actually hurt the blooming process for any new items you may be planting. You’ll also want to get rid of any old mulch or other type of protection you may have used over the winter.

But removing these components doesn’t mean throwing them out. Use whatever old organic material you have for compost! These items can be used for rich nutrients that can be excellent for your next batch of plants.

2. Cut Off Ornamental Grasses

During the wintertime, some gardeners might not see a reason to cut or mow their grass, allowing it to grow a little longer than usual.

Cutting your grass down a few inches now is ideal so that it won’t disrupt the other plants from getting the sunlight they need. Plus, your yard won’t look like a jungle!

Don’t worry though, your ornamental grass will regrow.

3. Prune Shrubs and Plants

Springtime can be a great time to start pruning unnecessary growth in your shrubs and trees. However, in order to make sure you don’t actually damage them, it’ll need to be done at the right time.

The most appropriate time to do so is when your plants have completely bloomed. If pruned too early, you could potentially cause more harm than good. You should prune any foliage just a tiny bit so that they can have a sharp look and to also encourage more flowers to bud.

4. Edge out Clutter From Your Garden Bed

Over time, clutter such as weeds or grass end up growing around the edges of your garden bed, making it look dirty and unhealthy. While this can easily go unnoticed during winter, the warm weather and bright sun can give a clearer view of things you hadn’t noticed before.

Since your garden bed should have wet soil, pulling clutter out from your garden bed edges is a pretty easy, straightforward process. This can lead to having a healthier and cleaner looking garden!

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