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5 Plants to Bring Balance to Your Owner-Financed Lot During COVID-19

Posted by admin on May 24, 2020
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Between stress, being out of work, worrying about a loved one’s health, and navigating finances, these are trying times for everybody in our society. Despite much of these worries, one of the most essential things that people can do during the COVID-19 pandemic is to focus on bettering their mental health, and a great way to uplift your spirit is to outfit your home décor or land with some soothing plants.

Research has noted that plants not only help the air we breathe but soothe our nerves and balance our stress levels and blood pressure as well. Whether you’re looking to enhance the inside of your home, beautify your Edinburg lot, or bring a little zen back into your life, plants are a win-win investment.

A Calming Effervescence

Now that you’re itching to get your green thumb going, it’s time to look at what plants could best suit your mood. Not only will these plants help you enhance the attractiveness of your Edinburg lot, but they can help increase the value and appeal if you ever put your lot for sale.

1. Aloe Vera

This Rio Grande Valley favorite is not only good for your skin, but it’s also known for its ability to help purify the air we breathe. And these days, who couldn’t use an extra boost of fresh, clean air to reinvigorate the senses?

Aloe vera also contains antioxidant and antibacterial qualities within it, and it also has additional benefits that:

  • Lower blood sugar
  • Reduce dental plaque
  • Treat canker sores
  • Encourage wound healing

While this wonder plant can be a boon because of all of its benefits, it is best used as a topical resolution. Eating the plant may cause stomach cramps and digestive issues because of its laxative effects, and certain studies have shown that long-term use of aloe vera supplements and nondecolorized whole leaf extract of aloe vera may cause liver damage and pose a risk of cancer development–mostly shown in rats–respectively.

2. Bamboo Palm 

Palm trees dot much of the deep South Texas landscape and are a welcome sign of sorts for travelers from up north coming down to the Rio Grande Valley. Bamboo palm, however, isn’t native to Texas.

Needing little maintenance, the bamboo palm helps beautify and remove toxins like formaldehyde from the air while making a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their interior home design. A great natural humidifier, the bamboo palm will make a nice touch to your surroundings. 

3. Basil 

Known to inject oxygen into the air for an outstanding 20 hours per day, basil is also known for its air-purifying qualities that help improve your stress, mood, and blood pressure. Not to be outperformed by these capabilities, basil is mostly known to add extra flavor to many dishes.

However, basil is no two-hit-wonder. It, too, is an antioxidant, supports liver and cardiovascular health, lowers high blood sugar, and can also help reduce swelling and inflammation. As if that wasn’t enough, basil can also help you keep a calm mind since the plant is known to help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

4. Ferns

 The fern is known for its natural humidifying qualities and low soil maintenance. It is a great accent for any home as you can hang it display it in a hanging basket or one of your gorgeous pots. Not only does it enrich the air you breathe, but it also helps relieve your stress by pumping moisture into your home, improving the air’s breathability.

This diverse handful of plants are also renowned for their ability to purify the air around you from harmful substances like formaldehyde (air pollutants that are emitted from smoking and certain air fresheners), Xylene (air pollutants stemming from industrial sources), and Toluene (emitted from nail paints, paint thinners, inks, and stain removers).

 5. Lavender

This perfect springtime plant will help infuse your home with both beauty and soothing smells. Lavender plants would make a great addition to your bathroom where it can meld in with the steam from a hot shower to enrich your environment with scents that can help alleviate anxiety.

That’s not all lavender can do, however. Lavender is also an anti-inflammatory, and it:

  • May help you get quality sleep
  • Lower blood pressure and your heart rate
  • May help fight off fungal growth
  • Can offer asthma relief

Santa Cruz Properties: Owner Financing Made Simple

Planting any of the plants mentioned above after you’ve purchased any of our owner-financed lots in Edinburg and built your dream home is a great way to balance the pressure that life brings, even during a pandemic. Not only do they inject much-needed vibrancy to your surroundings, but plants are a natural filter for the air we breathe, a soother for our anxiety levels, and a relatively good mood booster.

The great thing about these plants is you don’t have to be extraordinarily gifted as a gardener to make this plan bloom, and Santa Cruz Properties present that opportunity at an affordable price. No credit needed to start the owner-financing process for lots in Edinburg and beyond.


Indulge your senses by adding these attractive and calming plants to your magnificent owner-financed land.

Start the Owner-Financing Process Now


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