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Protect Your Owner-Financed Lot With These Best Fencing Options

Posted by admin on July 28, 2020
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Let’s face it, when it comes to fencing, you’ve got a couple of variables to consider. Not every landowner is going to require the same type of fencing for their land, but this important decision needs to be planned out before you secure an owner-financed lot in Edinburg.

We at Santa Cruz Properties know that the best fencing option for you is going to be dependent on what you are going to do with the land. To help you make this important decision, we ran down what fencing options you should consider with a few tips we’ve picked up over the years.

For Your Residence

When it comes to fencing for a home, there are plenty of options to choose from that can offer you with much-needed security at an affordable price, including:

  • Aluminum – While aluminum is thrifty and maintenance-free, it doesn’t provide a lot of security if that’s what you’re going for. It does however cover your basic need for fencing, and you can make them quite attractive.
  • Wood – If you’re ever quizzed on the most popular fence type in America, you’d more than likely mention wood, right? Well, dreams of white picket fences would be correct as they offer a greater sense of privacy than their aluminum counterparts, but also keep in mind the type of wood you use can drive up the price.
  • PVC – Known for being extremely weather-resistant, PVC fencing is one of the thriftiest ways that you can fence up your yard.
  • Wrought Iron – Beautiful and strong, wrought iron fences need a lot of maintenance. They should be repainted and sanded every two to three years and typically fit homes that have a luxury appeal.
  • Vinyl – If you want to make a wise investment, you can’t beat vinyl fencing as they are pretty durable and don’t require much maintenance. While they can initially be pricey on the front end, you’ll pay very little for maintenance on the backend.
  • Chain Link – Probably one of the more recognizable types of fences–and much like their aluminum counterparts–chain link fences are cheap, durable, and require very little maintenance; however, if you’re looking for fencing that is more secure, you may want to look into other options first.
  • Bamboo – Not quite common in the fencing industry, bamboo fencing is starting to garner some attention. Bamboo fencing is beautiful and would be a great alternative in warm climates associated with the land in Edinburg.

Consider These Options for Farm and Agriculture 

Considering that farms and agricultural lots have a lot of land, erecting a fence is usually time-consuming, uses a lot of manpower, and can be costly. If your owner-financed lot should need farm fencing, these are the options you should consider:

  • Temporary – Temporary fencing should be used when you need a quick fix such as building an enclosure for your livestock or sectioning off your garden until you find a more permeant replacement.
  • Mesh Wire Fence – This fencing option is typically used to enclose smaller livestock in such as chickens or rabbits that you plan to take care of on your owner-financed land.
  • Woven – Also known as high tensile, woven fences give the ability to flex height options, which is essential if you have livestock on your land. Since larger livestock like cattle are more prone to destroying fencing, however, don’t forget to secure your woven wire fencing with a deterrent mentioned below.
  • Barbed Wire – Barbed wire fencing is a fairly easy-to-set-up option that can prevent your larger livestock from breaking out of their enclosure, ensuring that the investment you made on them is safe.
  • Electric Fencing – Electric fencing is another option that is a secure, efficient deterrent that keeps your larger livestock in place. Safety, however, should always be paramount when handling or around electric fencing.

Looking for the best option to buy land in Edinburg? Owner financing is a great solution that helps people that have bad credit, no credit, or cannot secure a loan from the bank to put money down for a downpayment, and the property experts at Santa Cruz Properties can help you find the perfect piece of land your family needs, no matter if you are building a home, farm, or ranch atop of it.

Santa Cruz Properties has years of experience in the industry to help you land your dream lot.

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