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Give the Gift of Land this Holiday Season

Posted by admin on December 10, 2020
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Land Gift

Here at Santa Cruz Properties, we have been committed to selling owner-financed land in Edinburg since 1993. We are dedicated to making our clients familiar with all the benefits and financial gains that buying land has to offer.

During the holiday season, thinking of the right gift for a loved one is a special part of “the giving season.” When thinking of the perfect present, we often want the gift to be meaningful, valuable, and something that can give a lifetime of happiness.

If you are still in search of that perfect holiday gift, why not give the gift that keeps on giving?

Land is one of the perfect gifts for a loved one because not only is it beneficial in the long run, but it also allows for them to get a head-start on major life events, such as building a house or opening a business.

What Are the Benefits of Giving the Gift of Land?

Buying land can seem like a huge investment, however, with just a reasonable down payment, you can give your loved one a gift that is not only financially beneficial, but one they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

When asking yourself if land is the right present this holiday season, remember some of the top reasons to give this gift of land:

1.Land is a great investment.

Other “big” investments that can be given as gifts, such as jewelry, savings bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, can often feel unstable and insecure. With the gift of land, you don’t have to worry about it getting lost, depreciating, or the market crashing. You can be sure that the person you love will always have something to fall back on.

2.Land is a gift like no other.

When you gift land, and the payments have all been made, you allow for your loved one to do whatever they have always dreamed of with the land. The possibilities of what can be done are endless. You are also giving them the gift of financial freedom, which is a present that cannot be easily duplicated.

3.Land is always the right size and color, and can fit anyone’s taste.

Buying the right gift can seem frustrating. Trying to figure out the right size or color of something can often seem impossible. With the gift of land, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s something your loved one finds appealing. Land is the gift that can fit anyone’s taste, even the pickiest of people.

4.Land doesn’t need batteries.

Everyone knows that feeling of sheer disappointment when you’ve received the perfect gift and it doesn’t include batteries. Imagine you’ve received the flat-screen TV that you’ve waited all year for and just as you’re about to turn it on, you realize that the remote says “batteries not included.”

With the gift of land, you don’t have to worry if your loved one is going to be able to turn it on as soon as they get it.

5.Land is tax-deductible.

With the current income tax law, those who own vacant land can deduct the property taxes that they’ve paid. Tax deductions allow for you to decrease the amount of taxes you owe to the federal government. Who doesn’t want to owe less taxes?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to give your loved one the gift they deserve. Contact Santa Cruz Properties today at
(956) 382-6490 and let us help you find the perfect owner-financed property for your loved one.

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