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What Fees and Taxes are Associated With Buying New Land in Edinburg, Texas?

You found your perfect piece of land, but what’s next? When purchasing land–especially for first-time land buyers–it may be common to leave out the many fees and taxes from your budget because you forgot or simply didn’t know about them.

But you don’t have to worry about that today. With decades of experience, our real estate developers at Santa Cruz Properties know what these fees and taxes include and how they are associated with buying land, and we look forward to sharing that information with you.

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Fees Associated With Buying Land for Sale in Edinburg

Fees may vary because they depend on several different factors. They are often associated with “closing costs” because you generally pay them when closing the deal for your particular property or lot you are wanting to purchase.

They may include, but are not limited to:

  • Down payments
  • Construction permits
  • Building and repairing costs
  • Lot preparation expenses
  • Home insurance policy costs
  • Real estate agent commissions
  • Utilities installation and services costs
  • Recording fees

While this may seem like a giant list of fees associated with buying land in Edinburg, don’t get discouraged. Some of these fees may not apply to your particular land deal, and in some instances, the seller you are purchasing the land from may even pay a certain small percentage of them.

However, with Santa Cruz Properties, we believe in making land 100 percent affordable and accessible. In this instance, most closing costs don’t apply to owner-financing services–a crucial service we offer to aspiring land buyers so that they can live their dream of owning land, even if they have poor credit.

Property Taxes: What are They, and What’re They Used for?

Property taxes, on the other hand, are paid by the property owner based on the value of their land. In essence, the local tax appraisal district sends appraisers out to tally up the value of properties around the county, and once that information is acquired, local tax units determine the property tax rate and then collect them.

This money then helps fund local services that our city, state, and country provide like:

  • Public schools
  • Libraries
  • Playgrounds
  • City streets
  • County roads
  • Police
  • Fire protection
  • Emergency medical services

Take the Worry Out of Buying Land. Let Santa Cruz Properties Help You Start Living the American Dream.

Here at Santa Cruz Properties, we’ve been a top land developer selling affordable lots in Edinburg since 1993, and we are honored to guide first-time land buyers through the path of land ownership, regardless of credit score. 

With affordable costs of living and ideal land purchasing options in Edinburg, Texas, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today to make your dreams of property ownership a reality!

Learn more about our easy owner-financing options and how they can help you be on your way to owning your dream property today!

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