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Can’t Find the House of Your Dreams? Build It!

Posted by admin on July 1, 2021
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Let’s be honest. Finding the house of your dreams can be an uphill battle. There are always little details either missing or out of place that ruin the idea of living in that house.

If buying your dream house just isn’t working out for you, there’s always the opportunity to build it! While it does take a bit more time than buying a pre-made house, building means you get to design your house with all the amenities and details you want.

To get you started on this new and exciting enterprise, Santa Cruz Properties offers you the following 10 steps on how to make your dream house come true!

10 Steps to Building Your Dream Home

1. Save Money

Naturally, the first step is the most important: having capital. How much you save will directly affect how much you can spend. Think of everything you would like your home to have, and what rooms and spaces will you need.

Take your lifestyle and future plans into account. You want a home you and your family can grow in, so think of as not only a financial investment, but an investment in your happiness.

2. Budget Planning

Got the money? Now you need to organize it into a budget. If you come short, you will need to save more to move forward.

When preparing your budget, take all costs into account: land, architect, home design, materials, permits, workers, landscaping, etc. Make sure to consult with a building professional to make sure nothing is missing.

Once you have everything covered, make sure to have a bit more in case of unexpected expenses. As in any other plan in the making, building a house can carry unexpected situations you should be prepared for.

3. Consider Your Needs

Now, you may want to revisit all your dreams. What did your dream house have? Maybe you can’t have a floating pool, but a  backyard pool could fit in your budget.

Though we would love to have our homes with every imaginable amenity, make sure to take a hard look at what you actually need. It is important for you to not spend money on rooms and spaces that won’t actually be used.

4. Hire a Trustworthy Architect

Your house will need a good foundation and overall design for it to last a long time and give you the least amount of trouble.

Choosing a professional architect and designer will be key to building a quality house. Do not skimp and do proper research when hiring your architect. The better the quality of your architect, the better the quality of your house.

5. Search for Your Plot of Land

At Santa Cruz Properties, we can help you find the right plot of land for sale in Edinburg. Having a professional help you find the right property will help you avoid permit issues as well as foundational problems.

Make sure to think of the kind of area you want to live in, and your Santa Cruz Property experts will help you find what you need.

6. Buy Your Land From Santa Cruz Properties!

Our professional customer service team has helped countless families find the right property for their needs!

We understand that not individuals can purchase property through traditional mortgage loans, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. With Santa Cruz Properties, you don’t have to settle for less. 

With our owner-financing services, you don’t have to worry about dealing with banks or mortgage companies and can reap a number of benefits from our owner-financed loans, including: 

  • Reduced prices
  • Low-interest rates
  • Available even with no or poor credit
  • Personalized terms
  • Faster, cheaper closing
  • No need to qualify for a mortgage 

7. Create House Design

Now that you have your land, you can start planning with your architect the design for your house.

Though your architect will take care of most of it, make sure to stay involved so you can make sure your home will fit your aesthetic wants. 

Always check and double-check the design, as once it is finalized, you won’t be able to make changes during the building process.

8. Acquire Blueprints

Once the design is finalized, you will have to acquire the blueprint of the design so your builders can begin. It is crucial to have the blueprints since they are the guideline on how your home will be built. Beginning without it could lead to disaster.

9. Prepare Building Essentials

Make sure to have a trustworthy team with lots of experience in building.

Once you have your team, they can guide you on all the materials they will need to build your home. Order with time since many materials may take a while to arrive – even more than a month!

10. Build Your Home!

Once your blueprint is set, materials are ordered and coming in, and you’ve acquired a competent building crew, your house can be built.

Always stay in contact with your construction lead to make sure everything is going without a hitch. Communication is key during this step for your house to be built exactly the way you want it.

Get the Edinburg Property You Want With Santa Cruz Properties!

Got your savings? We got the land and experience! At Santa Cruz Properties, we want you to start the process of building your dream home with the right land. Our real estate specialists in Edinburg are determined to help you with experience, friendliness, and trust.

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