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What First Time Land Buyers Need to Know About Hurricanes and Their New Property

Posted by admin on July 16, 2021
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Buying land in a hurricane zone can be tricky when the plan is to build on the property — but it can be done.

At Santa Cruz Properties, we are ready to guide you through the process of choosing the right lot of land for you and provide you with a few tips on how to keep your investment safe from the destruction of a hurricane.

About Hurricanes

The 2021 hurricane season started June 1st and is expected to end by November 30th. While the Rio Grande Valley has its fair share of heavy storms and flooding, we’ve yet to experience a truly devastating hurricane in recent years. 

But it’s best to be prepared in case the big storm finally comes.  

When purchasing property for sale in Edinburg, there are four things you should know about hurricanes: 

  1. Keep watch for hurricane edges: Not only are the center of hurricanes and storms dangerous, but the edges and arms as well. Storms that hit the Texas Coast can have tendrils that cause damage well into Central Texas. 
  2. Flooding is the main danger: Hurricane winds can be absolutely devastating, but the storms also bring hefty rain and floods that can cause their own set of serious issues. 
  3. Landfall location matters: A hurricane’s direction is extremely important since its right quadrant will generally have the strongest winds.
  4. There can be more than 10 hurricanes each season: During the 2020 hurricane season, four hurricanes hit Texas. An average season produces 14 storms, including seven hurricanes

How To Prepare

The main things to consider about hurricanes are wind and flood damage. So how can one prepare against such a natural catastrophe?

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

When you’re in an area that’s likely to be affected by hurricanes, it is of utmost importance to have property insurance, which can become a bit expensive. Make sure to shop around for the most appropriate insurance and compare prices. It is best to shop around for an insurance carrier before buying your lot of land.

However, keep in mind that “general” insurance will typically not cover flooding or other damages caused by a hurricane. 

Determine what is included in your insurance 

How much you pay for your insurance premium depends on your land location risk level. Typically, if you want to be fully protected in case of flooding or other “acts of God,” you will need more coverage than what a traditional package covers. You may need to pay additional premiums for storm protection, flood insurance, and other types of insurance coverage.

However, don’t forget that flood insurance policies impose a 30-day waiting period before coverage takes effect. Unfortunately, insurers won’t adjust your coverage once a storm begins to brew.

Upgrade all safety measures

There is no limit to the amount of preparation you can do when it comes to protecting your investment. To upgrade your properties safety measures:

  1. Make a plan. Some damage from natural events like hurricanes can be avoided with a proper contingency plan, which should include an evacuation component.
  2. Make the exterior safe. Trim all large trees and shrubs. If you have outside patio furniture, make sure to have a space to put them away or have them secured to the floor.
  3. Upgrade safety features. Windows, doors, and skylights can be expensive if they need to be replaced. All openings — windows, doors, garage doors, etc. — can be impact-rated or protected with code-approved devices. In some states, this could make your insurance premium a bit cheaper.
  4. Place cars strategically. Make sure any parking spots are on higher ground and not under trees.
  5. Power and energy. Make sure to have an emergency power source and a proper surge protector in place.
  6. Keep important documents safe. Keep any important documents — such as legal and insurance policy papers — in a safety deposit box.
  7. Identify a shelter room. Whether you use your land to build a home or a business, having a shelter room may come in handy in cases of severe hurricane weather.

Let Us Help You Find The Edinburg Property That Fits Your Needs.

Though living in a hurricane zone can be stressful for some months, these areas are also often some of the most beautiful and profitable in the country. 

If you’re thinking about buying in a hurricane zone, we got the land and experience! At Santa Cruz Properties, we want you to start the process of building your dream home with the right land. Our real estate specialists in Edinburg are determined to help you with our experience, friendliness, and trustworthiness.

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