Santa Cruz Properties takes pride in assisting entrepreneurs by providing them with owner-financed properties. We are a reliable Texas real estate developer and provide our clients with stunning lots throughout the state, such as Owassa Springs in Alamo, Texas. 

If you are a realtor, builder, or contractor looking for a new business venture in an up-and-coming area, then Owassa Springs in Alamo, Texas, maybe just the place you are looking for. 

About Owassa Springs

Santa Cruz Properties is selling half-acre owner financed properties in the city of Alamo, located in Hidalgo County, starting at $89,900. This subdivision offers fantastic lots that can lead to lucrative business revenue streams for builders or contractors looking to buy and build turnkey homes to sell later, or first-time land buyers looking to build their forever home.

Alamo is located in the southern part of Hidalgo County and is close to many local attractions, such as a birding center, and many local restaurants with authentic Mexican cuisine. 

One of the most popular attractions near the area includes the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands and World Birding Center, which offers a 40-acre wetland oasis that allows you to watch wildlife year-round in a natural setting where butterflies and local birds roam free. 

Because of the attractions listed above, these half-acre properties make an ideal location for homeowners looking to have a lot of amenities close by, making these lots a hot commodity that can net you quite an impressive ROI.

But that’s not all. There are plenty of other amenities nearby as well:


Grocery stores:

Emergency services:


The Benefits of Buying Land in the Owassa Springs Subdivision in Alamo, Texas

Whether you’re a contractor, builder, or someone looking to invest money to make a profit, consider this:

  1. You have options to sell your lots to builders, or you can build on the lots you own to increase property value to then sell at a premium.
  2. The property is gated, which provides more of an appeal to those looking to buy or rent a home on your future property.
  3. You can also reserve some of the lands for renting, which can create a continuous revenue stream.

To get more information on how this property can be yours, reach out to our property experts at Santa Cruz Properties! 

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