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How To Bring Your Yard Back to Life After a Cold Winter?

Posted by admin on February 22, 2022
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Although the weather in South Texas is generally warm year-round, over the past few years, our winters have been harsh with periods of freezing temperatures. 

These temperature drops can pose a challenge to those growing crops or who want their yards to thrive. After freezing weather, grass can appear dry, brown, and dull-looking, while shrubs and trees can lose their strength and become fragile. 

Wouldn’t it be ideal to revive your yards in time for spring and enjoy being surrounded by vibrant plants of all colors and bright green grass? 

Santa Cruz Properties would like to help you revive and beautify your yard with some guidelines on how to bring your yard back to life after freezing temperatures.

Asses Any Damage to the Grass on Your Lot and Fix It

Begin by removing any dead branches and leaves from your yard. This can be challenging, so you might need to hire someone who has the proper tools and knowledge. 

Aerate the soil in the spots of your yard that need the most care; you can do this by raking the soil along the damaged areas. 

Raking the damaged patches of grass will assist in extracting weeds or debris that gathered on the surface of the soil. The marks and holes in the soil left by the rake will help fertilizer, plant food, and treatments enter the earth. 

Fertilize Your Land Properly

If you are unsure about starting this project, consult with an expert before you begin. 

Applying fertilizer works best when you water the land a couple of days before or wait until after it rains. After it is dry, you can buy special instruments used to fertilize the land, or if you would like an easier method, you can use a shovel to throw fertilizer into the soil. 

After fertilizing, it is suggested you water your land once again. Experts suggest fertilizing once spring and summer begin. While your yard is growing, you might need to use additional plant food to maintain your grass and help revive it. 

Also, be aware of bug infestations. If you see any bugs infesting your yard or plants, you can search what the insect is and how you can get rid of them. An alternative is to hire an expert to identify the insect and exterminate the problem. 

Plant Grass Seeds

During adverse weather, soil can freeze and thaw, causing harmful effects to the roots of your grass, trees, crops, and shrubs. If you are fortunate, plants will revive when spring begins, but at times you may have to apply treatments to speed the process along. 

If the amount of grass you have has decreased due to freezing temperatures, we recommend combining grass seeds with the soil. You can get seeds of the type of grass you already have, or start anew and find a grass you like that grows best in our South Texas climate.

Santa Cruz Properties Provides Owner-Financed Lots and Advice on How To Be a Successful Landowner

Santa Cruz Properties has been making land ownership a reality for citizens of the Rio Grande Valley for decades.  

If you want to enjoy the warm days of spring and summer with your own vibrant yard, contact our experts at Santa Cruz Properties to ask about our lots for sale in Edinburg! 

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