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5 Steps for Preventing Weeds From Growing on Your Yard

Posted by admin on April 18, 2022
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When is the best time to get rid of weeds? The answer is now! Besides being aesthetically displeasing, there are good reasons to pull weeds as soon as possible. 

When you destroy weeds as soon as you see them, you decrease the chance of a weed invasion in your yard, as weeds have natural properties that allow them to multiply rapidly. 

The team at Santa Cruz Properties would like to inform landowners (and future landowners looking to purchase land for sale in Edinburg) on how to keep your land looking beautiful, neat, and weed-free!  

What Is a Weed? 

It is important to your yard that you are well aware of how to spot weeds and learn how they work. Essentially, a weed is an unwanted plant growing where you don’t want it. 

The most common weeds are:

  • Thistle
  • Dandelions
  • Crabgrass
  • Chickweed 

As mentioned before, weeds naturally spread quickly. These pesky little plants grow fast because of certain characteristics, such as:

  • They produce a great number of seeds 
  • They grow rapidly 
  • Seeds can be inactive for a long time 
  • They can invade areas where other plants occupy 

Weeds can deprive grass and plants of their necessities like water, sunlight, nutrients, and space. Not only are weeds ugly and annoying, but they can cause diseases and bug infestations. Waiting to pull weeds puts your plants’ health at risk. 

5 Steps To Stop Weeds From Taking Over Your Yard

Once you become more familiar with weeds, you will realize that the job isn’t a one-time chore. Keep in mind that pulling weeds as you see them is a lot better than dealing with a weed infestation. 

Follow these suggested steps to keep your garden weed-free:

1. Cultivate Carefully

Cultivating a new garden bed is one of the greatest ways to aerate your soil. The tricky thing is, under the surface of the soil lay those inactive weed seeds. When these dormant seeds get moved to the surface, they become active and quickly start to grow. Try to refrain from cultivating a brand new garden for as long as possible.

2. Administer Pre-Emergent Treatments

A pre-emergent is a chemical option to control the germination of seeds. Pre-emergent herbicides stop the weeds from emerging into the soil. It is best to apply pre-emergent before the seeds germinate in the spring. Activate the pre-emergent by watering the area after application.

3. Much Mulch 

A natural preventative for weeds is applying a hefty amount of mulch around your plants. Mulch also benefits your plants by preserving moisture and suffocating weeds, preventing them from growing.

4. Grow Plants Near Each Other

Eliminating the ability for weeds to bask freely in the sunlight will prevent them from growing. You can do this by minimizing the space weeds have to thrive by growing your plants at the closest spacing recommended for the plant.

5. Pull Through the Pulling 

We can not stress enough how important it is to pull a weed immediately before it is able to spread. Implement regular weeding to your list of chores and commit to it in order to create a charming environment for lovely garden beds and plants to flourish.

The Santa Cruz Properties Team Suggests You Follow Our Guide To Keeping Your Yard Weed-Free

Landowners and future landowners alike can benefit from learning how to prevent weeds from growing in their yards and keeping their land looking sharp. Santa Cruz Properties offers owner-financed properties in Edinburg, where you can create the garden and yard of your dreams. 

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