Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country with major businesses setting up offices across the Lone Star. This means there are plenty of individuals looking for property across all regions, including the Rio Grande Valley. 

The RGV and its cities are vibrant communities filled with amazing sights, sounds, and most importantly, lovely people. Whether you’re in search of property close to the bustling metro areas or prefer the peace and quiet of rural communities, Santa Cruz Properties has ideal owner-financed properties for sale throughout the region, including property for sale in Edinburg.

Learn more about all the great reasons to live in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Rio Grande Valley: More Than Meets the Eye

1. Amazing Cost of Living

Even though the entire RGV region has a large population of over 1.3 million, it isn’t as expensive as similarly sized areas throughout the nation. McAllen and surrounding communities like Mission and Edinburg consistently rate among the best cities in the United States if you are looking for a lower cost of living. 

Additionally, home and land prices in the RGV tend to be lower than the national averages. You can easily find property for sale in Edinburg or its surrounding communities that will fit any budget. 

2. Growing Job Market

The Rio Grande Valley is enjoying a boom as more major companies set up shop in the area. Large companies like SpaceX have opened up locations in the region with professional jobs in all sectors becoming more plentiful. 

Take the time to check out regional jobs while you consider property for sale in Edinburg.

3. Great Vacation Destination

If you love taking short weekend trips, the RGV has plenty to offer. South Padre Island features amazing beaches, great food, an active nightlife, and plenty of shopping. If you prefer activities like fishing or birding the RGV has a wide variety of options as well.

The region’s major cities, like McAllen and Brownsville, both offer a number of cultural activities, events, and family-friendly sites to visit if you’re more into city life.  

4. The Warm Climate

The RGV tends to be warm year-round with temperatures averaging 51°F-96°F throughout the year. Snow days are very, very rare, which makes this a popular destination for people looking to escape the freezing temperatures of northern states. 

5. A Vibrant Culture

You won’t be far away from culture if you decide to move to the RGV. The whole Valley has a rich culture of artists and musicians that give the area its own feel. There’s also a huge Mexican influence, from art to architecture, food, and more. 

Tex-Mex is the king in the local food scene, but you can find plenty of wonderful restaurants to try. 

Check Out Our Properties for Sale in Edinburg

Take the time to visit and experience everything the RGV has to offer. Once you’ve fallen in love, you can find property for sale in Edinburg and surrounding cities to create your new home.

Santa Cruz Properties is here to help you find the owner-financed property of your dreams. Even if you think owning land is out of reach, there is likely an option that will be perfect for you. Take a look at what’s available!

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