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What You Need To Know About Protecting Your Property From Freezing Temperatures

Posted by admin on November 15, 2022
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A field and tree are covered in a layer of frost while the sun peeks over the horizon

All South Texans know just how unpredictable our weather can be. You may have a warm, sunny day followed by a sudden cold front.

While freezes are rare in the Rio Grande Valley, you should still be aware of how to prepare. Freezing temperatures can easily kill plants and trees, and even do damage to exposed pipes.

The good folks at Santa Cruz Properties have a few tips on how to prepare your property for the upcoming winter months so you can save yourself a headache. And if you’re looking for owner-financed property or property for sale in Edinburg, then look no further than Santa Cruz Properties.

Tips To Protect Your Land During Freezing Temperatures

Protect Your Landscaping From the Cold

Most plants and trees can handle a single night of lower temperatures, but a frost or more prolonged freeze can easily damage or kill them. Consider the hardiness zones of your plants to choose the best ones for your property.

Tropical and subtropical plants, like many popular palm trees and decorative plants, will die quickly. Covering them with special frost blankets or old bedsheets can give them a fighting chance. Just avoid plastic since it can transmit cold and damage the ends of the branches.

Most plants grown in the Rio Grande Valley will also appreciate being covered if it’s practical. Save the thickest materials for your most sensitive plants and use thinner sheets on plants that can handle colder temperatures.

Any plant that is in a container should be brought indoors. Even an uninsulated garage will be safer than leaving them outside when you’re expecting a freeze. Clustering your potted plants together will also help them retain some heat. If space is a priority, bring in your tropical plants, and your hardiest specimens last.

Once the cold passes, you can start putting them back out to help your land bounce back.

While outside, don’t forget to ensure any watering sources are turned off. Anything that has water still in it is at high risk of damage. In particular, look for pipes and other fixtures that may have pooling water.

If you won’t be home during the winter months, make sure your water is off and pipes are drained before you head out.

Insulate Your Water Pipes

Most South Texas homes aren’t built for any significant temperature drops. This means most pipes will be uninsulated and maybe even along exterior walls. You may also have external pipes that water your crops or reach outbuildings on your farm.

Insulating all the water pipes you can will help save you from an expensive headache. You can buy special insulation or use DIY options to protect your land. Foam, old sheets, newspaper, and any fabric secured with rope or tape will help.

Most tapes can’t handle the severe cold, so you’ll need to wrap them around a few times to ensure they stay put. Look for something tough, like duct tape meant for outdoor use. If you’re good with knots, a rope may be more manageable.

Don’t Forget Your Neighbors

Your neighbors may need some help as the temperatures drop. Take the time to see if they need anything, especially if they are elderly or have mobility issues. You should also ensure your animals have a safe and warm place to stay.

Your land is your pride and joy, so take the time to keep it safe.

Owner-Financed Property for Sale in Edinburg

If you want to finally be able to purchase your very own property, Santa Cruz Properties is here to help. We can work with you even if you have bad or no credit!

Take a look at our properties for sale in Edinburg and ask us about owner financing options.

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