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What Winter Texas Should Know About the Texas Real Estate Market

Posted by admin on March 1, 2023
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Young couple standing together outdoors with keys from new house looking cheerful in winter clothing with the sun shining brightly.

It’s impossible to deny that the United States is a large country, and, with such vast spaces of land, there are a number of different weather patterns and climates that occur. This is one of the many reasons that states like Florida, Arizona, and especially Texas, see so many visitors who sometimes make these places their winter homes.

“Snowbirds,” known locally as Winter Texans, are individuals who generally spend most of the year in more northern parts of the county but migrate to the South in the winter months. Some of these folks eventually decide to make these southern and southwestern states their permanent residence.

Of course, with such a unique group of people, there will be ways that they impact the real estate market in Texas. That’s why Santa Cruz Properties is here to discuss exactly how Winter Texans affect the Texas real estate market as well as what to consider if you want to buy property in the Rio Grande Valley.

Why Winter Texans Spend Their Time in the South During the Winter

As we mentioned, Winter Texans are people who spend the winter months in states with warmer weather than what they mind further north. However, there are a few other reasons besides nice weather why Winter Texans travel down to the RGV, including:

  • increase in the number of people able to work remotely
  • being closer to family, friends, or favorite travel destinations
  • taking advantage of lower tax rates across various commodities

Winter Texans and the Texas Real Estate Market

Many Winter Texans decide after a few trips down into Texas that they may as well stay permanently, and who can blame them? Interestingly, February turns out to be a great month to buy land in Texas

  • See How Winter Affects the Home – After Winter Texans have spent a few months in Texas, they’ll know exactly what’s needed as a homeowner during winter weather, which means they’ll be better prepared to make a safe offer on a residence.
  • Fantastic Time for DealsFebruary is generally a slow buying season, which can mean much more sellers are motivated to sell at reasonable offers.
  • Lower CompetitionAnother result of the slow buying season is less competition to purchase homes. That means there’s a much better chance your offer won’t be outbid. Despite these benefits, there are some drawbacks occasionally, such as when houses stay vacant because they are unwanted or unused Airbnbs.

Things To Consider Before You Buy Winter Property in Texas

Of course, as with every major life decision, there are some things to consider:

  • Choose the Right “Nest” – If you plan to become a snowbird, you’ll want to research the best place for you to make your new home. Look at all possible options and stay up to date on real estate trends!
  • Insurance CoverageBecause you’re relocating, you’ll want to make sure both your health, homeowner’s, and any other necessary insurance is covered and up-to-date.
  • Ability To Pay While this may sound silly, there may be hidden or additional fees you won’t be aware of if you don’t do the right research. Make sure you’re able to afford your nest before you try to make the move.

Work With Real Estate Professionals if You Move to Texas in the Winter

There’s a lot to consider when you buy land in or move to Texas, regardless of the time of year. But as seen above, there are specific details Winter Texans need to be aware of. Santa Cruz Properties has the resources and services to help make your dream a reality!

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the real estate market, and Winter Texans in the colder months can add to the equation. Reach out to Santa Cruz Properties if you have questions about the Texas real estate market or owner financing!

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