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Ranch vs. Farm: How Are Ranches and Farms Different?

Posted by admin on December 1, 2023
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A barn on Texas ranch land

If you’re looking to start your Texas legacy, ranching and farming are both great options—but what’s the difference between a ranch and a farm? You’ll need to know before you can find the right Texas land for sale.

Keep reading to learn about the differences between ranches and farms from the Texas property developers at Santa Cruz Properties.

What Is a Ranch?

A ranch is a large piece of land that is used to raise animals. Usually, ranches are home to herds of grazing animals and the buildings needed to support them. Ranches also often include housing for ranchers. There are currently more than 700,000 ranches operational in the U.S.

Texas and ranching go hand-in-hand. For generations, Texas has been known for its massively productive ranches, and with good reason. Texas’s wide-open spaces and natural wildlife make it an ideal place to raise cattle.

What Is a Farm?

A farm is a piece of land used to cultivate crops or raise animals. This also includes buildings used to support animals, store crops, or house the farmer. When it comes to what livestock can be raised on a farm, the definition is very broad. However, there are some specific terms, like ranch, for farms used to raise certain animals. Similarly, you can grow virtually any plant you like on a farm, but there are more specific terms, like orchard, for farms where only or primarily certain plants are grown.

Ranch vs. Farm: What Are the Key Differences

As you can see, there are some key differences between ranches and farms. First, ranches are only used to rear animals, while farms can also be used to raise and harvest crops. Second, while farms can potentially support any type of animal, ranches are primarily used for grazing animals.

Due to those first big differences, there are some knock-on variations. For example, because grazing animals require more space than other types of stock animals, ranches are typically fairly large while farms can potentially be much smaller. 

Finally, we can see some more differences by looking at a specific example: the differences between a cattle ranch and a dairy farm. On a ranch, cattle are typically raised to be sold for meat, while on a farm, livestock are raised for the products they can produce during their lifetime. The same holds true for the differences between other types of ranches and farms.

Find the Perfect Texas Ranch Land for Sale by Owner

To start an agricultural development in Texas, you’ll need to understand what sort of development you want to start and what sort of resources and land you’ll need to support it. You can get insider guidance, advice, and recommendations from the land development experts at Santa Cruz Properties.

Here at Santa Cruz Properties, we work to make land ownership accessible to more people, and that’s why we offer owner-financed land for sale. We can help you find the perfect Texas ranch land for sale by owner-financing. 

Find the perfect place to put down roots in Texas with SCP. We have the perfect Texas ranch land for sale by owner.

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