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Just How Big Is an Acre? What It Means for Land Buyers

Posted by admin on June 3, 2024
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If you’re considering buying land in Texas, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of how much land you need and how much land you’re buying. The first step is understanding how big an acre is.

Keep reading to get a solid understanding of the size of an acre and how it affects you as a land buyer.

What Are the Dimensions of an Acre?

The first step to figuring out what acre measurements mean for you as a buyer is to consider how big an acre is based on smaller measurements you already know.

One square acre is the same as:

  • 43,560 square feet per acre
  • 4,840 square yards per acre
  • 4046.86 square meters per acre

You can also compare an acre to larger measurements. There are 247.105 square acres in 1 square kilometer, but the most useful comparison is to miles: there are 640 square acres in 1 square mile.

How Big Is an Acre, Roughly?

Of course, knowing the exact dimensions of an acre isn’t exactly the same thing as being able to picture how big an acre actually is. To get a better idea of how big an acre is, consider the following facts:

  • A standard basketball court is about 1/10 of an acre.
  • There are 1.32 square acres in one football field.
  • One city block typically covers 2 to 5 acres.
  • The national average size of lots for newly built homes was about ⅕ of an acre in 2016.

As you can see, an acre isn’t too big, but it is considerably larger than the majority of lots for new homes in the U.S. If you’re looking for land for sale in Texas, that’s worth keeping in mind.

What Acreage Means for Land Buyers

Of course, all other things being equal, the larger a piece of land is, the more valuable it’s likely to be. However, just because something should be considered more valuable doesn’t necessarily mean it will be priced to reflect that, and there are also many other factors that go into influencing the price of a property beyond its size. 

The real reason you should consider acreage is to ensure you have enough land for whatever project you intend to pursue. You can talk to a land developer to get a better idea of how much land you need for any kind of project or endeavor. In general, you can build about 2 or 3 homes per acre, but you can build far more depending on the style and size of the homes.

In comparison, if you plan on farming, you will likely require at least a few acres of land, and likely much more if you plan on buying Texas ranchland.

Find Lots for Sale in Texas From Santa Cruz Properties

No matter what size of land you need, the team here at Santa Cruz Properties can help you find the right property for you. By working with a Texas land developer like Santa Cruz, you can access favorable rates and get the amenities you need.

If you’re looking for land for sale in Texas, check out our available properties, or reach out to our Texas land development experts to get help determining how much land you need and which property is right for you.

Looking for land for sale in Texas? Check out our Texas lots for sale today!

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