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About Santa Cruz Properties

About Santa Cruz Properties

Since 1993, the tireless members of Santa Cruz Properties have committed themselves to making land ownership possible for all Americans. We take pride in our history and the long-lasting and meaningful relationships we’ve built with our clients. Our clients come first; that’s why we’ve developed owner-financing options that make purchasing property possible and simple even for those with poor or no credit.

With our selection of owner-financed lots in Edinburg, Robstown, Falfurrias, Starr County, and East Texas, we can help you find the perfect rural, residential, or agricultural-use property for any of you and your family’s needs.

Our dedication to efficiency, professionalism, and personal relationships with our clients makes it possible for us to help any family find the foundation for their new home and future dreams.

The Santa Cruz Way

As Texans, our Leadership and Service Teams know the communities in the Rio Grande Valley are uniquely welcoming and close-knit, and we are committed to the development of those communities. Our teams have worked to create roughly 60 rural residential subdivisions and numerous acreage tracts within Hidalgo, Cameron, and Starr counties. We are dedicated to doing what’s right for our clients, and it’s that dedication that has allowed us to grow and finance our properties–where ultimately, our clients benefit.

At Santa Cruz Properties, our clients and the communities we serve are our families, and our dedication to our families extends past what we do in the office. In the spirit of community, we have given time and energy to many nonprofits and community groups over the years, including city, church, bank, rotary and regional boards, as well as the Boys & Girls Club.

We Are Invested in People

You may be wondering why we believe real estate development is a good investment. Our answer is simple: investing in property is our way to invest in people. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to build their dreams, and for many people, that dream starts with property ownership. Finding an owner-financed lot to build your home on is the first step towards your American dream, and we want to help you take that first step.

For over 25 years, we have stood by our clients’ sides as they started on their path to success, and we look forward to helping more achieve their dreams of property ownership. Let us stand next to you, and we will work relentlessly to help you and your family achieve that, too.

If your American dream starts with owning your own plot of land, contact Santa Cruz Properties today for more information on our owner-financing services.

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