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What to Know About Buying Land in 2020

As we commence the new year, now is the time to look into investing in your own piece of land. Understandably, because it is such a big investment, both emotionally and financially, it is natural to want to have your questions answered before making the leap.  The East Texas owner-financed lots and land experts of Santa Cruz Properties are here…

Start 2020 with Your Very Own Property: Lantana Acres No.8

Santa Cruz Properties has been committed to turning dreams into a reality for more than 25 years and counting! With our owner financing program, our beautiful properties are within reach, regardless of credit history or an inability to secure a traditional mortgage loan.  Our Edinburg realtors are here to highlight one of our most gorgeous properties we currently have available….

Should You Invest in Land or in Stock Shares?

A common mentality that people may have in terms of investing, especially with something like stock or properties, would be “the bigger the risk the greater the reward.”  If the right decision was made, “the reward” might pay off in the end, but then again, there’s always that 50 percent possibility that your investment may end up a mistake that…

Is Buying Owner-Financed Property Worth the Investment?

One of the biggest investments you can ever make in your life is purchasing property. Whether you intend to use the land to build a home or for commercial purposes, you should be aware that owning and maintaining land requires effort and dedication – but the benefits can be tremendous.   It’s completely understandable that you might be a bit hesitant…

Texas Pine Properties Listing

At Santa Cruz Properties, we strive to make landowners’ dreams come true with our gorgeous and economical owner-financed lots, regardless of your credit history. As the year, and the current decade, are coming to a close here very soon, now is the perfect time to begin investing in an owner-financed lot as you lay down your family roots. Property Highlight…

Questions To Ask When Buying Recreational Land

Investing in land can potentially be one of the greatest decisions you will ever make. Recreational property is a type of land which you are generally free to use as you best see fit with only minimal restrictions.    Just as the name implies, this type of land is meant for recreational use. Recreational land can be used for outdoor activities…