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land for sale in edinburg

If you’re looking for land for sale, or if you want to part with your existing property, there may be some questions that need answering. After all, property purchases and sales can be an overwhelming thing to take on. At Santa Cruz Properties Ltd., we want you to know that our Edinburg-based real estate specialists are here to answer your questions. For any additional information, don’t hesitate to use our list of helpful resources:

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Building Permit

Precinct No. 4

1304 S. 25th Ave.

Edinburg, TX 78542

(956) 585-6081

Magic Valley Electric Cooperative

(866) 225-5683

American Electric Power Company

(877) 373-4858

North Alamo Water Supply Corporation

420 S. Doolittle Rd.

Edinburg, TX 78542

(956) 585-6081

Sharyland Water Supply Corporation

4210 E. Main Ave.

Alton, TX 78573

(956) 585-6081